250 ml Carp soup 95 CZK
250 ml Soup of the day 85 / 90 / 95 CZK


90 g Beetroot pockets, cottage cheese from Mláka farm, young sprouts 140 CZK
80 g Carpaccio of smoked beef tongue, apple, horseradish 155 CZK
100 g Marinated carp, root vegetables 155 CZK
100 g Chicken hearts with pickled onions, thyme 155 CZK

Main meals

400 g Creamy organic rye, roasted vegetables, cottage cheese 245 CZK
400 g Tagliatelle, capers, carrot, cauliflower, chestnuts 265 CZK
200 g Třeboň carp, organic rye, dill, spinach 365 CZK
200 g Grass carp, horseradish, roasted potatoes 365 CZK
200 g Pikeperch, garlic butter, mashed potatoes 485 CZK
200 g Mouflon rump, chokeberry, potato and celery puree 475 CZK
200 g Fatback from Besednice farm, beetroot cabbage, herb dumpling 375 CZK
200 g Duck breast, organic barley, cranberries, chilli 475 CZK
200 g Rabbit on pepper, tagliatelle, capers, carrot 475 CZK
200 g Organic beef neck from the Besednice farm, root vegetables, mashed potatoes 445 CZK


350 g Pikeperch, fennel, capers, beetroot, green leaves 365 CZK
350 g Warm salad from roasted carrot, chickpeas, cauliflower, chestnuts, cottage cheese and green leaves 265 CZK


100 g Noodles with poppy seeds, vanilla sauce 155 CZK
1 ks Poppy crème brûlée 145 CZK
100 g Sweet buckwheat, pear, hazelnut 135 CZK

Kids menu



250 ml Juice 100% from a farm Lažany - apple, pear 65 CZK
250 ml Nectar from a farm Lažany – strawberry/orange with apple/cherry/plum/raspberry 65 CZK
400 ml Home-made fruit lemonade 80 CZK
330 ml Aquila - still water 45 CZK


  Carp soup baby portion 67 CZK
  Soup of the day baby portion 60 / 67 CZK

Main courses

100 g Rabbit on cream, carrot, tagliatelle 285 CZK
100 g Pikeperch on butter, mashed potatoes 295 CZK

Sweet food

100 g Pasta with poppy seeds, vanilla sauce 155 CZK
1 piece Creamy poppy seed pudding 145 CZK






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Žižkovo náměstí 46, Třeboň

You can buy gift vouchers worth 500 CZK and 1000 CZK in the restaurant.

Ask your waiter or at the reception.

Restaurant menu is based on traditional Czech and fish cuisine but it is conceived neatly, elegant, lightweight and most importantly very tasty. Those who prefer interesting meals without meat also won’t be disappointed.

Our credo is freshness and maximum use of local and farm products. Besides basic products which is supplied from local dairy farm Mláka and trout farm Mlýny, all ingredients are produced by ourselves.

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