Spa in Třeboň – baths and massages

Spa Bílý jednorožec – a modern wellness center in Třeboň, located on the original location where Jakub Krcin himself went for bathing at the time of the Renaissance. Our goal is to return to our roots of our great-grandmothers and utilize the wisdom they have passed down to us, freeing us temporarily from the stress of today’s hectic world.

We know that the physical body is connected to the spirit, so we must take care of both for complete relaxation. This differs from the classical modern “wellness center”. Our effort is to bring harmony to all your senses during baths and massages. Not only will your body be pampered with water and the hands of our skilled spa professionals, you will also be able to select music during the procedures to be with harmony with your mood. In a beautiful environment your mind will be harmonized steadily with changing colored lights stream during the bath (called chromotherapy) and the heady scent of herbs catches your attention even before entering the door. In addition, delicious, all-natural beverage, which will complement the effect of the procedure, is served for free.

As is well known to us that our bodies receive both beneficial and unhealthy substances with every pore and breath, we use only natural product, without the addition of any synthetic, and we even massage with oils in BIO quality!

Our massages using BIO quality oils guarantees that you will not get chemicals in your body after any of our massages. On the contrary – pure fragrant herbs will continue to positively affect your mind and body many hours after visiting the spa.

Virtual tour

Virtual tour

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